Please market at me like it's 2013

Venti Café Latte non-fat?

They know me by face at "my" Starbucks, even without scanning my card and they know that I'm at least trying to stay in shape by making sacrifices in taste. And they know enough about me to have a nice chat at the counter.

The seller of the the street paper keeps track of whether I already bought this months issue - since I moved here nearly two decades ago.

And hell, if he knows I don't, there's no escape!

So very much a business and so very much social

When I woke up this morning I realized that I ran out of white shirts but was feeling very like wearing one this evening. Living right in the center of the city I went to the fashion (department-) store I usually go to.

The shop assistant was in a sales conversation, so I just went to the shelf, picked some of the usual brand, build and size, presented my loyalty card, got 5% off, paid, went home.

I put on the shirt this evening and realized - of course - I should have taken the time to wait for the shop assistant.

The shirt is the right brand, but cut and size is for people who have way more cream in their coffee and way shorter arms to drink it than me.

And better taste most likely.

Ain't nobody got time for that!

I now have four of these shirts and have to go there again, tomorrow. It's my mistake, of course. But.

In a parallel-universe of pure marketing awesomeness the cashier would have scanned my loyalty-card and asked whether I'd really wanted to buy these shirts! and by the way, we have a tie that would really fit this shirt and the suit you have!

Or even better - what about a loyalty app that has access to all of my purchasing history (they have it) and could not only tell me which size I need to buy (or order) but also tells which ties will look smart with the shirts I have? And hello, while we see you passing by our store after quite a while, what about some new shoes in your size? We're quite sure that we have some that exactly you will like! Or - of course - we can just mail you the stuff if you like. For we do not consider our online- and offline stores being separate entities. Because in the end it is always about you having your shirt.

knowlegde = data you use

Being sent to the 2nd floor for French cuff to hear that my arm-length is not in stock (never is) will definitely not cut it in the future, not even today!

So this company not only has my purchasing data but even has a big store in the city I live in. This company is a known factor. I trust them. I know people whose first job was at this company. I can go there, see and touch stuff. And they can talk to me, because they have - friendly, experienced - staff!
And yet I'm considering taking my business to an e-tailor.

We had it once. It will come back better.

Good, personalized, social marketing has been there for my parents and grandparents. Their clerks and tailors recognized the names of the customers, knew their customers' taste and knew what the store had in stock.

I want to be marketed at like that, I consider personalized, social marketing a service to me, the customer.

If you have my data and know who I am and how I tick, use this to save me time finding the right thing - and empower your stuff to use it, in store, too! I will spread the word, then, naturally. As my grandparents did, just by different means and a lot more dynamical.

Good, personalized, social marketing is old-school!
We can have it again, now, with different means and in a way different scale.